Welcome to ‘Nurse In Need’

Welcome to ‘Nurse In Need’

We walk the walk with our clients, protect their rights, put untiring effort to fulfil their aspirations. Our team is responsive and responsible for the care we provide. We are professionals, experienced, and skilled to mend the needs of our clients. We respect their dignity, privacy, confidentiality, concerns, feedback, and needs.

• Skilled and Professional staff – Our staff are reliable, reachable, honest, and show high integrity standards. They know how to go along with your personal-centred care.

• Unique Service – Our services are for the clients and with the clients, including flexible support, recreational activities, travel, transport, community nursing, life skill development and exceptional quality staffing.

We are a professional team owned and operated company to provide services for our client’s happiness and satisfactions. Our services are efficient, reliable, unique, and flexible to tailor your needs. We have skilled, responsive, educated, experienced, and professional staff with an attitude of walk-to-walk ready reachable to empower and uphold your rights. Customer’s aspirations, dreams, goals, independence, and their conscious lifestyle are our objectives to work untiringly with them to fulfil their ambitions. Our qualified staff are passionate, genuine, and accountable for their duty of care. We assure the best care to our customers and best services to other agencies in connection with us.

Our services include nurse staffing, community nursing, travel and transport, assist clients with their hobbies and appointments, disability support officer staffing, and support differently abled clients (autism, dementia, intellectual disability, and physical disability, including sensory disability)


‘Nurse In Need’ is the Assured Care Indeed


•  Flexible Care  •  Reliable and Efficient  •  Quality Person-centred care  •  Empower our clients  •  Integrate our clients with community  •  Ensure recovery in Community  •  Assured Care to deserved Clients


•  Respectful  •  Integrity  •  Honesty  •  Accountability • Altruistic  •  Zero Tolerance to neglect and abuse  •  Protect and advocate rights


•  Client’s Happiness and Satisfaction  •  We are Reachable  •  Experienced and professional Staff  •  Ensure right care to right person  •  Continuous improvement  •  Responsive and Respectful


Quality nursing staff shortage is one of the most significant issues in regional NSW. Facilities have no alternative other than to compromise with the existing staff and their behaviours, which could sub-standardise the quality of care. ‘Nurse in Need’ provides qualified nursing staff to clinics, aged care facilities, private hospitals, disability group homes, and home care.

Our team is ready to eliminate the bottleneck of sidelining clients due to their low abilities. ‘Nurse in Need’s intervention with innovative ideas will build confidence in them and upskill them. Clients’ limitations will not be a hurdle to achieve their dreams. We can tailor their needs with our services. We offer:

Our team is ready to eliminate the bottleneck of sidelining clients due to their low abilities. ‘Nurse in Need’s intervention with innovative ideas will build confidence in them and upskill them. Clients’ limitations will not be a hurdle to achieve their dreams.

We can tailor their needs with our services. We offer:

Social support to connect families, friends and communities – your mental strength will decide what you should do; your physical or intellectual impairment might delay things but cannot stop you from achieving your aspirations if ‘Nurse In Need’ with you.

Home assistance to keep your home environment safe, clean, and comfortable gives you a feeling of safety, self-esteem, pride, and happiness. ‘Nurse in Need’ professional carers are ready to assist you to engage with your hobbies at home like knitting, stitching, watering plants, bed making, light cooking, or vacuuming.

We are connecting you with your medical or allied health professionals. It would be best if you were not confused or do things in a hurry or anxious, ‘Nurse in Need’ staff will prepare you for any home or outside appointments. They will fill the gap in your communication expressions.

Explore your ability to learn; our professionals can help you find suitable recreational activities, study programs, attend events, or perform in events. Isn’t it sad to see some talents still suffocating with traditional group activities?

Community nursing– our mental health nursing team could support your recovery model therapy. They are professionals, could advocate for you to recover from bad episodes of past behaviours. Proper intervention at the right time soothes your behaviours suitable to community participation.

We support your independent living without hurting your dignity, privacy, and confidentiality. You could be confident enough to carry out your care, grooming, dressing, shopping, or transport needs when ‘Nurse in Need’ staff with you.

Do you have more dreams like camping, canoeing, travelling, beach-stay, or even parasailing? ‘Nurse in Need’ could accompany you with your imagination

Nurse in Need’s qualified nurses will work with you in your recovery journey. Our team makes sure your food, fluid, medication intakes, and hygienic surroundings protect you from diseases, malnutrition and maintain your robust health. Our nurses can provide services for:

• Companion at Hospital stay

• Escort to hospitals and other appointments.

• Care at home

• Mental health recovery at home and community.

• Help you to reach the proper medical and non-medical services.

• General nursing care


Our clients’ have the right to live as they wish. Their recreation and group activities in the community pass through a reconfiguration of plans according to their skills and ability. Our clients will not be dis-hearted missing their scheduled programs. ‘Nurse in Need’ will be keen to find events and recreational activities in the community and update our clients if they are interested in participating. Our plans include:

• Community events and recreational activities

• Supported holiday travel and trips

• Library, civic, multicultural, exhibitions, food-fair, and other hobbies

• Support at pools, work, education, games, and watching games at stadiums.


Your independence and rights will be kept paramount when we do lifestyle support. Whether at home or in the community, ‘Nurse in Need’ will be with you shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve your goals. It can be:

• Participating in club activities and memberships
• New skill leaning
• Shopping
• Personal hygiene
• Banking or paying bills.
• Employment
• Health and fitness
• Household chores


‘Nurse in Need’ support our client in their Supported Independent Living (SIL) by supervising their daily tasks and build capacity to live independently as possible. Person-centred approaches to each client at shared group homes or at arranged accommodation suits tailor their outings, gatherings, attending programs, and social connecting. ‘Nurse in Need’ provide Flexi-support for our clients’ community skill development. We work with our clients and their peers to give the best services considering what is important to them and what is important for them.


‘Nurse in Need’ protects your dignity, privacy and confidentiality in supporting your care activities. Our team helps and supervise daily tasks, provides maximum independence, and ensures our clients are in a safe and healthy environment. Their diet and medications are administered promptly. Help our clients to complete their household chores like cleaning, cooking, shopping, and hygienic activities according to their plans.


For ‘Nurse In Need’ behavioural intervention plan is indicative. Clients could experience different emotions in different situations. Our behavioural support team will document such changes in behaviour and help case managers to develop more effective BIS plans and strategies to keep our clients in a safe and healthy environment. Our team use tactical approaches for the slightest physical or chemical restrictive practices usage. Our professionals have extensive experience and training to approach concerns, and they minimise their impacts. Your quality of life and societal acceptance will be balanced through our services and programs.


‘Nurse in Need’ extends supports to clients living in shared accommodation to perform their day-to-day activities. Our experienced team could ensure they are following their plans and encourage skill development. Group homes and group activities envisage our clients to learn new skills and follow the program in place by their cognitive reflex.


At ‘Nurse in Need’, we transport participants in our wheelchair accessible vans and cars with better comfort. Our transport service enables participants to access the community for: • Medical appointments
• Recreational activities
• Schools / TAFE and other educational institutions
• Shopping and community events
• Connecting with families and friends
• To work or for a drive

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