Welcome to ‘Nurse In Need’


We are a community oriented locally based company aiming to provide services for our client’s enjoyment and satisfactions. We have skilled, responsive, and professional staff to tailor our clients’ aspirations, dreams, goals, independence, and conscious lifestyle. We respect our clients’ dignity, privacy, confidentiality, concerns, feedback, and needs

Our services are for the clients and with the clients, including flexible support, recreational activities, travel, transport, community nursing, life skill development and exceptional quality staffing.


An ally for people with disabilities in enjoying their rights to health, happiness, and equality.


Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, Integrity, Noble, and Guarding.


• Support people with disabilities to engage in social activities
• Improve accessibility to habilitation and rehabilitation for differently   abled individuals
• Client centered approach to ensure autonomy of clients
• Provide quality nursing care to maintain astounding health.
• Foster an environment free of discrimination, prejudice, bias, or vilification.


• Satisfied client experiences
• Service quality excellence
• Professional Staffing
• Continuous improvement
• Reachable and Responsive